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Our Credo

The Williams Center is a world-class plastic surgery facility where patient care and outstanding, natural results are our top priorities.

We pledge to exceed our patients’ expectations each visit, with care and respect from one of our certified, highly experienced doctors. Our doctors specialize in their area of expertise to ensure unparalleled results.

Our vision is to create the best environment for our patients in their journey, for our physicians and nurses to take care of our patients, and for our employees to promote a positive experience for patients.

We are the Williams Center family, taking care of you and each other.

The Williams Center: where each provider exclusively practices within their specialty.

Where some plastic surgeons perform all face, body, breast, Botox, and even laser procedures, we take a different approach.

Our surgeons are truly experts in their specialties and surgeries they perform. Dr. Williams exclusively operates on the face, Dr Polynice exclusively operates on the body, Dr Slaughter focuses on hair transplants and facial reconstruction, and Dr. Pontius focuses on non-surgical procedures.

Our mission is to provide excellence in state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures with an emphasis on safety, results and most importantly, making a difference in the lives of the patients who trust us. In doing so, we also remain fully committed to providing resources and the most comprehensive information possible regarding all viable treatment options to our current and future patients.

At the Williams Center, our plastic surgery specialists have earned the respect of our colleagues and trust of our patients through decades of patient care.

We strive to enhance the lives of all who seek our services through compassionate and dedicated personal attention using the most advanced medical techniques available. We prioritize teaching on a local, national, and international level in order to accomplish this goal.

Our Specialized Centers

Located within the Williams Center building is our surgery center called the New England Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center (NELCSC).

Our facility is not attached to a hospital, but instead, our surgeons have the freedom to have their own specialized teams work with them – which is typically not the case for hospital surgeries.

Our surgery center is comprised of operating rooms similar to those found in a hospital, with the comfort and expertise of a plastic surgery center.

Dr. Edwin Williams started his practice in 1993 as a board-certified plastic surgeon located at Albany Memorial Hospital professional building. After practicing for several years at Albany Memorial Hospital, Dr. Williams realized he wanted to offer a better quality of care to his patients.

In 1999, he re-located his practice to 1072 Troy-Schenectady Road in Latham, New York, and began offering a variety of cosmetic non-surgical and surgical procedures.

Simultaneously, Dr. Williams also opened a free-standing ambulatory surgery center, the New England Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center, within the Williams Center building. His vision was to establish a team of specialists to provide the highest quality of care and outcomes in the safest environment possible.

Patients who undergo procedures at The Williams Center can look forward to gaining self-confidence and a sense of well-being from looking and feeling their best. For those who wish to improve their appearance, today’s surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures offer the opportunity to enhance beauty and improve self-esteem like never before.

Visiting The Williams Center is the first step to a more refreshed, natural looking you.

It is our goal to provide the most accurate source of regional cosmetic plastic surgery information and to serve as a resource for anyone who is interested.

“Because we have the highest regard for the trust and respect we have earned from our patients and colleagues, we continually work to never take it for granted,” said Edwin Williams M.D., F.A.C.S.

Patients can now have specialists in all facets of the cosmetic industry within one practice. With offices just outside of Albany, right in Manhattan, and in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, patients can choose which location is most convenient for them.

Patients regularly travel from all over the world to see our specialists. And we make sure it is worth it for them to do so.

The Williams Center Family Taking Care of Each Other and YOU!

That’s our motto, and for good reason.

We take care of each other by keeping our patients safe and informed throughout the entire surgery process, from the initial consultation all the way through recovery.

Our practice is managed by Chief Operating Officer for The Williams Center, Susan Sullivan.

Susan has worked with Dr. Williams since 1997 and is responsible for the growth and development of The Williams Center and its Rejuva Center, as well as the surgeons, the facilities’ operating rooms, and maintaining the buildings.

Susan is a registered nurse with additional national certification for operating room nurses, and ensures each experience with The Williams Center is a favorable one.

The Consultation Process

All patients will meet with one of our specialists for consultations. In addition to meeting with your exclusive surgeon, patients meet with one of our patient concierges.

A patient concierge is the patient’s liaison. They are available to answer questions prior to a surgical or non-surgical procedure and can give approximate costs for procedures of interest. Our patients absolutely love our concierges! Click here to contact one of our concierges.

During the consultation process, patients will also have the option of digital photo imaging, which lets patients communicate their desires and visualize what procedures will look like on their face and body.

We believe in educating our patients on all their options. Our goal is to provide patients with outstanding patient care. Anything less than excellence is unacceptable.

For more information about our specialized service offerings, use these resources:

Rejuva Center at Williams

Saratoga Hair Center at Williams

New England Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center

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Behind every great surgeon there are great nurses. At The Williams Center, we have a highly trained team of nurses that assist our providers within the office. Our patients just love our nurses! They are all so caring and kind and each have several years of experience in cosmetic plastic surgery.

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