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The Crooked Nose Tip and Nasal Base Surgery Process


In order to determine the nature of a nose’s crookedness, and to establish a relationship of open communication with each patient, Dr. Williams will start the rhinoplasty process with a consultation. Here, patients can get answers to their questions, and Dr. Williams can assess their nose as a standalone feature and in relation to the rest of the face.

At this point, he can also use current technology to capture and then manipulate an image of the patient in order to show the “before” and projected “after” of a crooked nose tip and nasal base surgery.

Crooked Nose Tip Surgery

Since a crooked nose tip and nasal base frequently involve a deviated septum, disfigured lower lateral cartilages, or a combination of the two, the details of the surgery to correct the problem depend on a patient’s unique specifics. The surgery, which typically includes Dr. Williams harvesting cartilage from the septum and using it to rebuild the lower portion of the nose, can take several hours. A credentialed specialist will handle administering the necessary anesthetic.


Patients who undergo rhinoplasty to correct a crooked nose tip and nasal base should count on taking a day to recover with light dressing intact, a week for wearing an outer splint, and a couple of weeks to avoid activities that might lead to a blow to the nose.

Initial bruising and swelling will be apparent, but visible signs should fade naturally in the days and weeks after the surgery. Patients may find that healing of internal swelling and more could take up to a year. The Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists team provides each patient with instructions for caring for their nose after crooked nose tip and nasal base surgery—including information on bleeding, infection, and other possible complications.

Dr. Williams is also happy to discuss revision rhinoplasty, which is an option chosen by an estimated five to 10 percent of rhinoplasty patients, who are not satisfied with their final results. Choosing a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and nasal specialist lowers a patient’s chances of dissatisfaction.

Learn more about details related to a crooked nose tip and nasal base by viewing Dr. Williams’ Famous Fireside Chats or visiting his FAQs page.

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