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Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty Options

Crooked Tip

A crooked tip and nasal base can give the entire nose a look of misalignment, which can make the overall face appear asymmetrical. Correcting this crookedness at the tip can make the entire nose appear straighter, as well as potentially help with breathing problems due to obstructed airways.

Refined Tip

If a nasal tip is disproportionately wide or otherwise bulbous, Dr. Williams can perform nose tip reshaping to refine the tip, making it more narrow and defined. Great care must be taken to not remove too much cartilage, so choosing a plastic surgeon with significant experience in nasal tip rhinoplasty is crucial.

Nasal Tip Refinement

using the Endonasal Approach by Dr. Edwin Williams

Procedures Beyond Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Of course, there is much more to nose surgery than work on the nasal tip. Rhinoplasty covers a range of procedures, including options to address a nasal hump, large nose, saddle nose, or crooked nose independent of the tip.

Dr. Williams offers modern imaging solutions so patients can see how a change to the tip, bridge, or other structure of the nose can impact the feature’s overall look, as well as how it balances with the rest of the face. These images are customized to the patient and are a valuable tool for getting an idea of the changes possible with nasal tip rhinoplasty and other options.

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