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While there are many reasons a person may seek out rhinoplasty, a large nose is probably the most common. In Albany, NY, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Edwin Williams meets men and women of all ages who want their nose to be smaller. Though this is an understandable goal, he works with each patient to help them understand that the problem to be corrected is often one of proportion and balance. He certainly can and does make large noses smaller with surgery, but they must also harmonize with the rest of the features of the face in order to look natural.

That said, there are some common features shared by patients who seek out rhinoplasty for a large nose, including over-projection (a noticeably prominent nasal tip), a convex dorsum (“strong” bridge in the middle of the nose, or nasal hump), a particularly wide midsection or tip, or some combination of all three. This can be hereditary in nature or the result of injury to the nose. Whatever the cause, Dr. Williams works to correctly assess the elements of a large nose and comprehensively address them for a natural-looking result.

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The Large Nose Rhinoplasty Process


Rhinoplasty for a large nose begins with a consultation, so the surgeon can assess a patient’s unique facial anatomy and determine which specific factors and structures are contributing to the out-of-proportion look. This is also the time for the patient to ask questions and get answers about the surgery and surgeon. It is vital to choose a nasal surgery specialist who can apply years of knowledge and hands-on experience.

The consultation may also involve the collection of images of the patient’s face, which can be digitally manipulated to show what rhinoplasty for a large nose can do. The altered images should be taken as general looks at what is possible, as opposed to concrete depictions of results.


The duration of a surgery for a large nose depends on the specifics of the surgery itself, but most patients can generally expect it to last anywhere from one to two hours. Revision rhinoplasty sometimes take a little bit longer. The procedure includes a credentialed specialist administering anesthetic, followed by the surgeon making cosmetic changes to the nose itself. Dr. Williams favors the closed approach, which avoids the external (and visible) incisions of the open approach and is best handled by a nasal specialist with a significant number of years of experience. Alterations to the bridge, nostrils, and tip will be made as necessary, with great care given to creating a nose that harmonizes with the shape, size, and proportions of the rest of the face.


Patients who undergo rhinoplasty for a large nose should plan to take a couple of weeks for recovery, marked by light dressings removed after one day and an outer splint removed after one week. These weeks should also be used for rest and avoiding physical activities that could result in the nose being bumped or struck. Visible swelling will reduce over time, but internal swelling and other healing can take up to a year to fully resolve.

After rhinoplasty for a large nose, patients will receive instructions for caring for the area, as well as what to watch for in terms of healing. Bleeding and infection are rare, but possible, as with any surgery.

The reality is that statistically, some patients—about five to 10 percent—will not be satisfied with the outcome of rhinoplasty for a large nose and will want a revision. The surgical outcome cannot be guaranteed, though the chances of being unhappy are greatly reduced by choosing a specialist like Dr. Edwin Williams, who has a tremendous amount of experience, which will reduce the risk of an unwanted outcome. Additionally, during the consultation, Dr. Williams takes a great deal of time explaining the surgery and potential surgical outcomes and uses computerized imaging, which is a wonderful communication tool between the doctor and the patient.

Find out more details about rhinoplasty for a large nose by watching Dr. Williams’ Famous Fireside Chats. He offers viewers answers to frequently asked questions, many of which are also addressed on the site’s FAQs page.

Other Available Procedures

In addition to rhinoplasty for a large nose—including a nasal hump—Dr. Williams corrects saddle nose, crooked nose, crooked nasal base/tip, pinched tip, and drooping nose deformities.

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