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The Pinched Nose Tip Procedure Process


Because there are several reasons a patient may have a pinched nose tip, an initial consultation gives Dr. Williams a chance to evaluate the nose, as well as possible cartilage donor areas. Armed with knowledge unique to each patient and case, he can recommend the best course of action for creating an overall well-proportioned and balanced nose. Patients are encouraged to ask questions and get answers so they are informed about the procedure and their options.

The consultation also includes computerized imaging, which allows Dr. Williams to capture a specific patient’s face, then manipulate the image to show what surgery to correct a pinched nose tip could do. Patients can see how the results could impact their nose and overall face.

Pinched Nose Tip Surgery

Since this surgery involves not just rebuilding the nasal tip, but harvesting cartilage from elsewhere on the nose—or even the ear—patients can expect to receive an anesthetic from a credentialed professional and for the pinched nose tip surgery itself to last for at least a few hours.


After a day of wearing a light dressing and a week of wearing an outer splint, patients should expect visible post-surgical swelling and bruising to diminish within another week, though full healing can take up to a year. Throughout the early days of recovery and recuperation, patients must take care to refrain from any activity that might lead to a blow to the healing nose.

The Williams Center team will provide instructions on post-surgical care, watching for bleeding and signs of infection, and other advice.

With any nasal surgery, including for a pinched nose tip, there is a chance that the patient will not be fully satisfied with the ultimate results and will want revision rhinoplasty. While choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr. Williams reduces the chances of this, each case is different, and an individual’s unique healing experience can affect the final look.

Find out more about surgery for a pinched nose tip by watching Dr. Williams’ Famous Fireside Chats. Anyone considering rhinoplasty for this or other reasons can also browse the FAQs page.

Other Available Procedures

Dr. Williams offers a variety of nose tip surgery options, including for a crooked tip or patients who want a more refined tip. There is also surgery available for a nasal hump, large nose, saddle nose, or crooked nose.

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