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Why Consider Teenage Rhinoplasty?

Self-image can be a tricky thing, especially during and around adolescence when bodies are changing and the opinion of peers is given significant weight. Remember there is no “wrong” way for a nose to look, and many people who have a nose that may conventionally be considered too large, asymmetrical, or out of proportion with the rest of the face are nonetheless quite content with their appearance. Other young people may not be satisfied with the look or function of their nose due to its natural development, trauma experienced at some point (such as a blow to the face by a stray soccer ball), or a combination of the two.

Plastic surgery is an intensely personal decision—and a very serious one with lasting consequences. Anyone considering teenage rhinoplasty should fully explore the reasons behind the desire for a cosmetic change, as well as the risks and benefits associated with the procedure. Since teenage rhinoplasty is, by its very nature, intended for minors, the process must involve a legal guardian responsible for approving decisions.

Teenage rhinoplasty surgeries include the same procedures available in adult-oriented rhinoplasty to correct a nasal hump, large nose, saddle nose, crooked nose, crooked tip or nasal base, pinched tip, or drooping nose. In some cases, the cosmetic issue may be linked to an underlying structural problem that impedes proper breathing. Nose surgery to address breathing issues is known as septoplasty, and may be performed concurrently or separately from cosmetic nose surgery.

Choosing a Nose Surgery Specialist for Teenage Rhinoplasty

It is always important to select a surgeon with considerable experience in nasal surgery, but for teenage rhinoplasty, it is vital to choose a doctor who has extensively worked with young people and is familiar with their unique needs and demands—as well as facial anatomy.

A surgeon performing teenage rhinoplasty (or any nasal surgery) should aim to provide natural-looking results that enhance the patient’s facial aesthetics, not radically depart from them for a dramatically noticeable change.

Dr. Williams primarily performs surgeries using the closed rhinoplasty technique, which avoids external incisions and sutures. He prefers this technique because working internally allows any resulting scars to remain hidden inside the nose. A decade of using the “open” method, which involves making an external incision and lifting the skin from the nose to see inside, gave him the skill and experience to confidently and routinely use the more sophisticated closed method.

Final Words on Teenage Rhinoplasty

The teenage years can be difficult to navigate, even in the best of times. Parents and other guardians are encouraged to be supportive of the teens in their care, through the journey of teenage rhinoplasty or any other life event. This includes the initial decision-making process, consultations, surgical preparations, the procedure itself, and the recovery window after the surgery.

Dr. Williams and his team make themselves available to answer questions both before and after the surgery to provide support to teens and their families. Current patients and anyone still considering rhinoplasty can also learn more about what to expect by reading answers to FAQs at the Williams Center.

To set up a consultation for teenage rhinoplasty in Albany, NY, contact nose surgery specialist Dr. Edwin Williams at the Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists by calling 1-800-742-2797 or sending a message online today!