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Why Should Patients Consider a Weekend Facelift and Necklift?

This unique facelift treatment is an ideal option for those wanting to see natural results in the lower third of their face. This procedure is not designed to treat everything, however it can effectively remedy conditions of the neck and jawline, including what is commonly referred to as a “turkey neck.” Additionally, it can be used to help minimize the appearance of a double chin.
If patients have considered other types of facial or neck reconstructive surgery but opted against them for any reason, this option may be the right one. For those bothered by marionette lines and saggy neck skin, this option is likely the best fit. It is often sought after by patients who are bothered by the appearance of their neck. The treatment is highly effective and long lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does the Weekend Neck/Facelift Procedure Involve?

    This procedure involves an incision line extending from the temple hairline down around the hard part of the ear, hugging the back of the ear and into the hairline. The procedure takes roughly two-and-a-half to three hours to complete.

    Because our treatments are customized to individual needs, sometimes a liposuction or lipocontouring component is utilized to reduce the appearance of the fatty changes in the face and neck over time. Following this step, careful measures are then taken to tighten the muscles of the neck to improve upon neck bands and folds with natural outcomes.

    Patients are asked to arrive in our outpatient surgery center about an hour prior to surgery. At this point, an I.V. would be started, and paperwork would be signed. Our specialized team is well known for helping patients to relax and alleviate their stress during this time. We constantly hear this from our patients!

    After the procedure patients will recover under the supervision of a registered nurse who specializes in plastic surgery. The snug dressing placed on patient’s head during surgery should be left in place until the office visit which should occur the following day.

    At that time, a looser head dressing will replace the snug dressing and remain in place for a few additional days. The third day post-surgery may include showering and shampooing. Sutures are generally removed six to eight days post-surgery.

    Altogether these procedures combine to minimize sagging in the chin and neck and to improve the appearance of the jawline. It is one of the most effective ways to “turn back the hands of time.”

  • Are there risks involved with the procedure?

    No surgical procedure is without risks. However, when choosing Dr. Williams, the procedure is performed by someone with decades of experience and a specialization in facial surgeries. The most common risks and side effects associated with this treatment include bruising, scarring, and swelling.

    Additionally, some patients may experience clotting at the incision site, excessive bleeding, and in some rare cases, infection. Additional, less common risks include temporary or long-term nerve damage, mild skin discoloration, facial stiffness, and hair or skin loss at the surgical site.

    In most cases, recovery suggestions include mild pain medications, cold compresses at the surgical site to reduce swelling, and rest. Keeping the head elevated is also advisable. To ensure that the incision heals properly and to minimize the risk of negative side effects and scarring, patients should attend all follow-up appointments.

  • How soon can I return to work after the Weekend/Neck Facelift?

    Most patients can return to work in 10 to 14 days. However, it depends on the type of job a patient has and how much physical labor is required, as well as the amount of bruising and swelling one has.

  • How large is the incision for the Weekend/Neck Facelift?

    The incision location for the weekend/neck facelift procedure is dependent upon a patient’s unique facial and neck contours. The exact location will be discussed during the pre-procedure appointments. Generally, the incision typically starts in the temple around the hairline, continuing down along the hard part of the ear and right up in back of the ear, and continues into the hairline.

    Incisions are initially red and slightly elevated after surgery. This discoloration and swelling should subside within a few weeks and ultimately become almost undetectable. Sutures are typically removed six to eight days after the procedure. Makeup can be applied to the incision lines roughly 14 days post-surgery. We recommend that hair coloring is applied either prior to the procedure or six weeks post-procedure.

  • What is the Cost of the Neck Lift / Facelift?

    The cost for the weekend/neck facelift is $10,500 to $11,500. Additionally, there will be operating room and anesthesia fees. The AAAHC-accredited New England Laser and Cosmetic Center in Albany, New York, directed by Dr. Edwin Williams, M.D., F.A.C.S., is committed to transparent pricing. More information may be found on costs at the New England Laser and Cosmetic Center.

  • How long does the surgery take?

    The surgery typically takes two-and-a-half to three hours from start to finish.

  • How long do the results from this facelift last?

    We see patients coming back to the office after about ten years to have a modified version. These youthful results can last for years.

  • Who Is an Ideal Candidate for the Weekend/Neck Facelift?

    This treatment is effective for any men and women in good health with mild to moderate loose or sagging skin around the cheeks, jowls, and neck.

    Most patients are between the ages of 35 and 75; however, individuals in their early 80s may also be considered. To ensure candidates are a good fit for the treatment, we complete a thorough medical history and discuss concerns and expectations with each candidate.

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Dr. Williams of Albany, New York, specializes in a vast array of facial and neck rejuvenation services. With any of his services, Dr. Williams makes it his goal to customize his treatments for his patients to provide solutions that range from the most and comprehensive treatments to the least invasive procedures. For patients who want an effective treatment for the chin, neck, and jaw line with the most rapid recovery, Dr. Williams offers the Weekend/Neck Facelift which is referred to as the traditional facelift.

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